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September 2nd Update Update: Shipping Timeline, Important Details, and a New Video

Hello Audio Radar Family,

Tim Murphy here. I wanted to personally touch base and share an important update regarding our Audio Radar's shipping timeline. Alongside this message, I've posted a detailed video update that provides deeper insights into our journey and the latest advancements. I'd recommend giving it a watch.

Shipping Update: As you might remember, we aimed for an August shipping window for our pre-order customers. However, due to our unwavering commitment to quality and some unexpected delays, our revised target is now September. In a worst-case scenario, it might extend to October. Every delay is in pursuit of perfection, ensuring that what lands at your doorstep is nothing short of the best.

For Our Loyal Pre-Order Customers: Your excitement, patience, and feedback mean the world to us. Delays aren't something we take lightly, and we're grinding day and night to get Audio Radar into your hands.

Considering Cancelling? A Note: Our first production run is limited. If you think of canceling now and perhaps re-ordering later, be aware that the wait might extend further. We've been witnessing increasing demand for Audio Radar, and while that's exciting, it means our early supporters (like you!) genuinely get priority.

To Potential Customers: If you've been contemplating an order, now might be the best time to commit. With the buzz around Audio Radar growing daily and our initial batch moving quickly, securing your unit now is a proactive move.

Remember, the new video update sheds light on our progress, challenges, and commitment. It's our way of maintaining transparency and staying connected with our community.

Your belief in Audio Radar and our vision is the driving force behind our team. We're on this journey together, and the finish line is in sight. Stay tuned and thank you for being a crucial part of this exciting adventure.

Warm regards,
Tim Murphy
CEO, Airdrop Gaming

August 10th Update

Our Journey Towards Perfection! 🚀

As we gear up for the launch of Audio Radar, we're committed to transparency and keeping you informed every step of the way. Let's dive into some important updates.

1. Aesthetic Upgrades:Some injection-molded parts didn’t meet our quality standards due to minor artifacts. We're elevating the finish by introducing a painting process that will enhance the product’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Enhanced Design:We noticed the end caps on the light bars could be firmer. So, we're refining the design to ensure they're sturdier and more robust.

3. Firmware Boost:We've upgraded the firmware to amplify your gaming experience. Although rolling out firmware comes with its own set of challenges, the version set for August 7th promises a superior performance than ever before.

4. Minute Yet Mighty:It's often the smallest things that make a big difference. Case in point, we're tweaking the main housing design. This will prevent small imperfections like mold knit lines and the tiniest of quality issues.

5. Greener Packaging:A shout-out to Logitech for sharing invaluable insights to enhance our packaging's sustainability and quality. We've revised the packaging design and are updating the graphics to align with the new dimensions.

Journey Ahead:8/10 to 8/24:
- Finalizing and testing PCBA and firmware.
- Refining and producing plastic and aluminum parts.
- Wrapping up the packaging production.
- Showcasing Audio Radar in action on

8/24: Pre-production of PCBAs begins.

9/7 to 9/11:
- Quality checks and final touches at the production plant.
- Wrapping up the assembly.

- The big day! We begin shipping.
- International packages will zoom to you via DHL Express in 3-5 business days.
- For our USA family, UPS will deliver within 1-3 business days.

While the journey from our Indiegogo campaign has been exhilarating, the most exciting part is just around the corner! We're on the brink of our first mass production run and are fueled by the desire to meet and exceed your expectations.

While we're eyeing an end-of-August shipping schedule, we might slightly edge into early September. We understand the wait is hard, but perfection takes time. Your patience and trust mean the world to us.

If you have questions or just want to chat, please email me directly. Our finish line is in sight, and together, we'll cross it triumphantly!

Warm regards,

Tim Murphy
CEO, Airdrop Gaming

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