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Audio Radar

Audio Radar enables d/Deaf and hard of hearing gamers to "see the sound" by visualizing directional audio events within video games.


1x Command Center

6x RGBW Light Bars

6X Light Bar Cables/Connectors

1x 12VDC Standard Power Supply

Tech Specs:

HDMI 2.1 Compliant

HDCP 2.2 Compliant

HDMI 4K@120hz or 8K@60hz

Requires HDMI out from game console or PC.

Works with:

XBOX (all versions)

PlayStation (all versions)


Switch (all versions)

Any HDMI source from gaming console.

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We are tracking to produce and ship units by February 2023. There may be unknown events or circumstances out of our control which may delay first shipments.

Our mission is to be the accessibility platform for deaf and hard of hearing players and developers.

Developed in partnership with deaf and hard of hearing players.

Available summer 2023, let us contact you when!

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Estimated shipping date, summer 2023. Pre-orders are available.

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