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Hear everything with your eyes.

A revolutionary innovation enabling gamers to"see the sound" in their favorite FPS games.

Changing the Game with Adaptive 7.1 Surround Vision Technology

See the Sound

Deaf and Hard of Hearing players can now experience directional
sound within games.

Plug and Play

Works with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC across 100s of game titles.

Dial in the Experience

Fully customizable and adaptive to your game play.

Be Seen Better

Streaming lighting studio at your fingertips.


Pre-order now to reserve your Audio Radar.

We are tracking to produce and ship units by November 2023. There may be unknown events or circumstances out of our control which may delay first shipments.

Our mission is to be the accessibility platform of deaf and hard for hearing players and developers.

Developed in partnership with deaf and hard of hearing players.

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Estimated shipping date, October 2023. Pre-orders are available.

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