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Airdrop Gaming is introducing an all-new audio-radar gaming experience that allows deaf and hard of hearing gamers to “hear” movement in games through watching a state-of-the-art, LED lighting display.  This product can be used by anyone desiring to enhance their first person shooter game play, but is especially revolutionary for deaf gamers.

Airdrop Gaming’s AUDIO RADAR is an industry-first gaming peripheral that gives the gamer a visual cue of the direction and amplitude of sound events happening within a game.  Deaf and HOH gamers can now see where sounds are coming from, such as gunfire, footsteps, explosions, vehicles, and more.  Knowing where these sounds are coming from allows the gamer to react and take aim on the enemy – faster and more accurate than ever before.

Full hearing gamers are able to hear which direction important sounds are coming from in first person shooter games.  Even so, sounds going from left to right are easily heard but gamers can struggle to determine sound direction from front to back.  Therefore, this revolutionary invention is crucial for a more enhanced, all-around game play. 

Airdrop Gaming’s AUDIO RADAR attaches to the gamer’s monitor or television in only a few steps.  The AUDIO RADAR intercepts the 7.1 encoded audio channels and presents the game’s audio through a series of LED indicators surrounding the gamer’s monitor. 

At the heart of the AUDIO RADAR is the main control center.  The gamer has the ability to fully customize their AUDIO RADAR experience from full RGB control to zone sensitivity and behaviors.

Other key benefits of this product

► the ability to see audio events reinforces decision-making during gameplay

► gamers can experience and benefit from 7.1 surround sound even when using stereo headphones

► deaf and hard of hearing gamers can now benefit from the sound events within the game

► this product does not interfere with game files, nor does it represent anything more than what the game engine produces

Multiple prototypes have been user tested over the past 12 months.  User testing was held in March of 2019 with fully deaf and partially deaf gamers.

“It was a continuous warning system and it worked perfectly for my style of play” – Jamal, deaf

“It gives you that little bit extra notification where the sound is.  If you don’t catch where the sound came from in the headset when it happened, there’s a good chance you caught it visually from the lights and can react” – Chris, hard of hearing

“It definitely worked as far as the direction where it’s coming from…all the directional stuff worked really well, the footsteps popped up as they should…this will definitely help!” – Bryan, full hearing

AirDrop Gaming is an innovative and technologically advanced company, specializing in developing world-class gaming accessories that improve gamers’ performance and play experience. The company is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, United States. Founded by Tim Murphy in 2012.

Our core values are innovation and creative thinking, quick adoption of new technologies, intuitive design, and simplicity. We are passionate and deeply invested in our product development, and are dedicated to the success of our customers, partners and investors. We think outside the box and take nothing for granted when approaching a new product. Gamer tested and approved, none of our products are released until we are sure they meet the highest expectations. As gamers, we use our products everyday — they have improved our gameplay, and we are confident they will improve yours.

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