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New and Upcoming Features for Audio Radar


Audio Radar aims to revolutionize gaming by transforming audio signals into vibrant, visual experiences. But the journey continues. We're investigating future developments and enhancements planned for Audio Radar that aim to elevate your gaming experience even further. Stay tuned as we outline the anticipated features, provide a timeline, and discuss the expected impact on the gaming community.


Specialized Minecraft SDK (Summer 2024)

In the summer of 2024, Audio Radar plans to introduce unique features tailored for Minecraft players (Java). This update will allow for a more immersive experience within the blocky landscapes of Minecraft. Gamers can expect different sounds correlating to various colors, allowing the Radar to use as little as one light bar segment. This allows the player to understand how far away the sound is. We plan to have these options for a much more significant portion of games in the future.


Bluetooth Integration (Summer 2024)

The integration of Bluetooth technology is a significant leap forward. Set to launch in the summer of 2024; this feature will enable over-the-air firmware updates through a mobile device and the upcoming Audio Radar app. This advancement simplifies the update process and opens the door to a slew of new capabilities and customizations for your Audio Radar system.


SDK Software Development Kit (TBA)

Looking beyond the immediate horizon, Audio Radar is developing an SDK that allows game studios to incorporate Audio Radar technology into their titles directly. This software development kit will provide developers the tools to create custom light behaviors and integrate them seamlessly with their games, offering an even more tailored gaming experience.


Continuous Innovation in Lighting Behaviors and Scenes

Audio Radar's commitment to innovation continues. We're continuously working on new lighting behaviors and scenes, which will be accessible through the mobile app. This ongoing development ensures that your Audio Radar will remain at the cutting edge of gaming technology, providing fresh and exciting experiences.


Tease of Future Advanced App (TBA)

While the first app will primarily update the Radar, an upcoming application will offer significantly enhanced customization options. Users will be able to design their themes and scenes using the light bars. Furthermore, it will facilitate the sharing and downloading of presets among users and provide users with more precise control over their Radar settings.