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New and Upcoming Features for Audio Radar


We're always looking for ways to improve and built upon the Audio Radar. Audio Radar aims to stay a dynamic piece of hardware, so that you only ever have to buy one. So in this article we'll dive into some of our upcoming features, many of which arriving in near future.  


Minecraft SDK (Summer 2024)

One of our first and most exciting updates, comes in the summer of 2024, paired with Bluetooth Integration. Once launched, all Audio Radar connected with Bluetooth will update to include a tailored Software Development Kit for the Java Edition of Minecraft. This will enable the Radar to use different colors to signify different in game sounds, along with enhanced accuracy. This can allow the player to gauge how far away sound is. In the future we hope to have a system like this for many other titles.


Bluetooth Integration (Summer 2024)

Paired along with the Minecraft SDK, the Bluetooth feature will activate. Using an app users will be able to connect their Radar to the internet and receive software updates. With this method users will be able to just update their Radar instead of having to purchase a new one. The only time we'll need to update hardware would be to cater more and more powerful displays.


SDK (Software Development Kit) (TBA)

Sometime in the future we hope to release SDKs to enable game developers to integrate Audio Radar directly into games. The SDK would allow developers to create different light behaviors and colors based on in game sounds. 


Additional Lighting Behaviors and Scenes

On the more creative sides of things, we are always looking into more behaviors and scenes for the light bars. This will always be an ongoing project, and will also improve upon existing behaviors. 


Tease of Future Advanced App (TBA)

While the first app will primarily update the Radar, an upcoming application will offer significantly enhanced customization options. Users will be able to customize color themes for light bars and the Radar itself, custom behaviors and scenes, the sharing and downloading of presets, and more overall control over their Radar. 

 As this is just a rough roadmap, some features may change as we get closer to releasing them.